Learning Science Using Augmented Reality

Sisanda Tech makes learning science easy and , it is the company that uses technology to enhance learning experience at home or at school

Augmented Reality

Science AR is the Augmented Reality App for schools once you have printed the science AR poster, simply hold your mobile device up to different parts of the posters and watch the poster come alive with 3D models, videos and scientific diagrams. When it detects a maker the device compare the information from maker with all the maker in its brain. Once it finds a match, it uses the marker’s information to mathematically determine the pose and it then displays the AR image at the exact right place.

Visual Reality

Virtual Reality or VR is the use of computer technology to create simulated environment which can be explored 360 degree. There are may ways to learn virtual reality, and many students prefer a face-to-face environment. 

Building good AR & VR applications is incredibly difficult right now, through not because the development is hard. Game engines like Unity are suprisingly good for making AR & VR applications and they are relatively easy for developers to learn.